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    Informational and educational resources for all audiences

The PCOR Partnership has many informational and educational products available which provide general background on sequestration and sequestration potential in the PCOR Partnership region.

Fact Sheets

Browse fact sheets on CCUS topics and projects in a print-friendly format. Additional fact sheets from the PCOR Partnership and the EERC are available upon request.

Documentaries and Video Clips

View our full-length documentaries produced with Prairie Public Broadcasting, or search video clips by topic to use in presentations, on websites, and more. Contact us to request a physical copy of any of our seven documentaries.

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The PCOR Partnership Atlas

Explore the latest version of The PCOR Partnership Atlas chapter by chapter.

View PCOR Atlas

Technical Reports and Best Practice Manuals

Read technical reports and best practice manuals published by the PCOR Partnership.


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